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"One of the best assemblies
this school has ever had!"

- Principal John Smith
Your High School

"It was really fun!
Gary taught us a lot!

- John Smith - Student

"Boomerangs Are Coming Back!" is a one hour enthusiastic,
motivational, educational, inspirational program that discusses the
history, science, craft, hobby, sport, art, & competition of boomerangs.


The topic covers many of the proficiency objectives, and advocates a drug-free, stay in school, believe in yourself, follow your dreams, positive attitude. What goes around comes around, just like a boomerang.
See this outstanding performance that will
surely have the audience "hooked" on boomerangs and "hooked"  on life.


True or False: Boomerangs were once used as weapons.

False!    If you answered "True", then you'll want to see:
"Boomerangs Are Coming Back!"

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