Holding Your Boomerang
1. Hold your boomerang vertically (straight up
    and down) with the colored side visibly
    facing you.

2. Make and keep a fist, pinch any tip between
    thumb and first finger. Your thumb
    MUST BE pinching the colored side.

Throwing Your Boomerang
3. Bend your wrist way back so the boomerang touches your forearm as
    shown in figure #1.

4. Snap your wrist, spinning the boomerang straight out in front of you and
    releasing at eye level with your arm fully extended. Use an overhand
    throw like a baseball. All boomerangs are thrown vertically not sidearm
    like a "FrisbeeŽ".

ˇˇ ROOMERANGS require more spin and are thrown like a dart or
   knocking on a door.
ˇˇ BACKYARD BOOMERANGS require full arm extension and must be
   thrown like a baseball.

How to Throw with Wind
5. Wind isn't necessary to make a boomerang
    return. When there is a wind, right handed
    people throw the boomerang 45 degrees to
    the right of the wind (the wind should blow
    against your left cheek). Left handed
    people should throw the boomerang 45
    degrees to the left of the wind (the wind
should blow against the right side of cheek). Refer to figure #2. To help you
determine wind direction, drop a piece of grass into the air to see which way
the wind blows the grass. If boomerang lands in front of you, throw more
into the wind. If boomerang lands behind you, throw more off wind. If
boomerang is climbing high, you're throwing too much like a "FrisbeeŽ".
Keep it straight up and down (vertically).

ˇˇ RIGHT HANDED BOOMERANGS travel and spin with counter
   clockwise rotation and direction

travel and spin with clockwise
   rotation and direction


Tuning Your Boomerang

NOTE: Your boomerang comes tuned and flight tested for right
handed throwers. If left handed, tune according to instructions.

1. Hold boomerang as shown with colored side
    up as in Figure #3.
2. Hold the center of the boomerang with one
    hand. With the other hand, pinch the tip or
    end of the wing with your thumb and first
    finger. Twist clockwise if throwing left
    handed as in Figure #4. See Figure #5 for
    right handed.
3. Repeat on all three wings. The more
    twist or bend in the wings, the
    shorter the range of the boomerang.

WARNING: Use discretion in
throwing your boomerang. Use in
open area, free of other people and
objects. Manufacturer assumes no
responsibility for use or misuse of this product.