The cost for my demonstrations is $500.
(Discounts are available for multiple bookings.)

I will never say "no" to any organization
or school, as long as dates are available.

All my boomerangs come with instructions that
teach everyone the basic principles of throwing
and catching boomerangs in a small area.

Many of the proficiency objectives can be
applied and related to the boomerang.

Lesson plans for boomerangs in the areas of
science, math, art, history, phys. Ed. are available.
Tongue depressor lesson plans are also available.

I am primarily based in Ohio.

I have done demos in every state in the U.S.!
(Call for a quote to come to your state.)
It is guaranteed that it will be the
best assembly in your school's history.

Order forms must be passed out to the all
students and staff a day or two prior to the assembly.
Each class, place orders in a large envelope so that
orders may be filled after the demo OR boomerangs will
be left behind with the teachers and the sales are sent to
Gary Broadbent at the below address.

The latter is a win-win situation for everyone.

First, the sponsor of the demo saves on price.
Second, the children, teachers, and parents win
by having a source of good working boomerangs
that are safe and easy to throw.

Gary Broadbent
3204 38th St. NW
Canton, Ohio 44718
(330) 492-RANG (7264)
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